Officers and Board

Chairman Emily Kelley
Petter Supply
President Andrew Gates
AEP River Operations
Vice President Caleb King
Inland Marine Service *Maritime Day Chair *
Secretary Amanda Steele
Hunter Marine
Treasurer Gail O'Connell
Tennessee Valley Towing

Board Members

Term Expiring June 2017

  • John Crivello Retired
  • Bob Day Retired * Golf Outing Chairperson
  • Jeff Thomas Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel

Term Expiring June 2018

  • Robert Stone Hunter Sand and Gravel
  • Bob Taylor Ingram Barge
  • Lori Wasbutsky AEP

Term Expiring June 2019

  • Madonna Cox - Ingram Barge
  • Wendy Bliss - Donovan Marine
  • Mitzi Mason - Paducah Rigging

Membership Pins

The Propeller Club of Paducah will, upon request, provide our members with official membership pins as inexpensively as possible.

Many of these pins are indispensible in maintaining the prestige of the ports and in administering their affairs in an effective manner.

If you would like a membership pin, please contact Gail O'Connell at 270-554-0154 or at any monthly membership meeting.

Cost is $11 per pin

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